Booster Club

We understand that competitive cheerleading can be an expensive sport to pursue, therefore, our Booster Club is a fully functioning 501c3 Non-Profit always trying to find fundraising opportunities for parents to offset their athletes' cheer expenses. The CheerCo. Booster Club Inc. offers various types of fundraising throughout the year, all of which are voluntary, to help you earn funds to offset some of the expenses during the competitive cheer season.

Individual Fundraising:

Sales: Selling products such as Script, Burritos, Subs, Bigby coffee coupons, mum sale, hanging basket. We are all considered individual fundraisers as you are the direct recipient of the funds earned over the cost of the product. We encourage you to join the Booster Club for consideration.


We are registered with Van Andel Arena to run a concession stand during events throughout the year. While we must do this as a group, the funds raised are divided among those that work the events.

Club Fundraising:

Various local restaurants will offer a “dine-out” night and donate a percentage of sales to CheerCo Booster Club. This is a great way to raise some money to help with the showcase, end of year banquet, etc. The Booster Club is able to help pay towards the season cost.