How Do Evaluations Work?

All Star Cheerleading is different than school cheerleading in more ways than one, and the tryout process is the first thing that sets the two apart. Whether you are trying out for an all star team for the first or ninth time, there are always nerves that need to be settled.

In All Star, there is usually a team for everyone, no matter the skill level. Unlike high school or college tryouts where there are normally only one or two teams for the highest skilled athletes, Our program has many teams for all levels and age groups. All Star is especially great for those athletes looking to try cheer for the first time, as well as those with the most elite skills possible.

Don’t think “Tryouts”

Rather than a traditional tryout format that a school might use, We use evaluations to create teams. These evaluations are weighted heavily on tumbling, and coaches will expect you to have all of the required skills for a level in order to be placed on that level-specific team. Most athletes are placed according to tumbling levels, although there are exceptions to the rule. Role players come in handy if the tumbling isn’t there, such as: point jumpers, strong bases, point dancers, flexible top girls, etc. Prepare to show all of your best skills so coaches know what your strengths are! If you are unsure what level you fall in, check out the chart below to match your skills to your appropriate level.

Before Evaluations

Contact one of our Athletic Advisers to see if there are some classes you can take before tryouts, so you can get a feel for the gym atmosphere and coaching style. Just remember-once you make a commitment to a gym, you must honor it until the end of the season. Nobody likes a gym hopper!


What are your goals for the year? Is it to gain new skills? Meet new people? Compete for a national or world championship? It’s important to set goals at the beginning of the season and make sure you and your athlete sit down with an Athletic Adviser who can help you achieve those goals. Many cheerleaders set a goal to compete at and win one of the prestigious year-end events, such as Worlds or the Summit. The Cheerleading Worlds is for Senior level 6 athletes and above, while the Summit is for the top 10% of every other division. Each competition takes place in Orlando, and are considered all star’s most prestigious year end events. If this is something you are interested in, talk to the an Athletic Adviser and see if our program is right for you! Some of our teams are more local competition based, while other teams primarily compete for a national championship. We will make sure your goals align with ours so everyone is on the same page!

The Day of Evaluations

First impressions are everything! Arrive early, be confident in your skills, and make sure your appearance is neat. We require that every athelte wear gym practice gear, a bow (if you have one). Also, in our Evaluation packet there are different evaluation dates for certain age groups or levels. We do this so our coaches can get a good feel for what athletes can do with their potential teammates.

During evaluations, if a coach offers you advice, be coachable! Coaches will feel more confident about placing you on a higher skill level team if they see that you can take criticism well. When showing your skills, remember proper technique is the number one thing to keep in mind. When we evaluate athletes, we look for skills that are executed with proper technique and form. If you are unsure of a skill, let the coach know that you are working on it, and they will keep that in mind. Our coaches will want to see skills you have mastered, and they will be happy to spot you to see how comfortable you are with those new skills. Safety first! If you have a solid running tuck, now is NOT the time to throw a full for the first time ever!

After the Evaluation

Many different things go into team placement, so keep an open mind when awaiting results. The coaches consider tumbling skills, stunting positions, past performances on teams, and other intangibles when deciding teams. We look for potential and the willingness to learn, as well as athletes with a good attitude towards cheering, coaches and their team members. Our coaches are doing everything they can to make teams as successful as possible, so once you are placed on a team, be ready to get to work and have a great time along the way!

Good Luck and see you on the competition floor!