Squad Day Camp

Many squad cheerleading camps teach the same "cookie cutter" methods. Not only are those camps extremely pricy, but everyone in the state and country learns the same material. Be DIFFERENT, Be YOU! Your team is unique so let us give you a personalized experience. 

Get a customizable unique camp to suit your teams needs. You will have full use of our equipment and a private instructed camp. Have your squad experience team bonding, learn new chants, cheers, a custom choreographed dance and unique stunt sequences. We will give your team the experience of their cheerleading career! This camp can be customized to your requests, or our staff can set up a custom itinerary for you. Let us do the work! We want to train your squad!



Weekly Training

We will come to you, or you can bring your squad to train weekly at our fully equipped facility with our expert staff. You can pick the length of time, preferred day of the week, type of training (stunt, tumble or combination etc). While you train with us weekly we will guide you in the right direction to get your squad competition ready. We will consult your routines, help with cleaning and timing and perfecting the details.

Squad Clinics

Expose your team to new techniques, grips and transitions to push them to new levels. Our staff are constantly learning new techniques from industry experts throughout the nation, let us share our knowledge with you!

Squad Stunt Clinic will teach your students the basics focusing on proper technique and challenge them by incorporating artistic stunt sequences. This clinic focuses on Basket tosses, flyer technique, Pyramids, Single base Stunts, co-ed style stunts, Elite stunt sequences and flyer flexibility.

Squad Tumble Clinic will teach your students about proper progression, and technique but we will exceed your expectations by incorporating combination skills and pushing higher elite acrobatic skills. We can come to your school or you can come to us. Athletes learning tumbling in a safe surface will give them the extra push they need to achieve new skills for competition season! Train with the best!