Core Goals

As professionals, our goal is to develop strong and confident young adults, through the sport of Cheer, Tumbling, and Dance, preparing them for their next phase of life beyond school. By setting high standards and expectations, we hope to teach valuable life lessons: integrity, work ethic, mutual respect, accountability, and a high level of commitment. We are dedicated to building champion athletes while representing our program with enthusiasm and pride.

Our Training Approach

We take a “perfection before progression” approach to training when it comes to all of our athletes. We understand that no athlete can perform a skill perfect 100% of the time, but we expect every athlete to master the form of each skill before progressing them to more advanced skills. This approach not only supports the athlete for the long-term, it also teaches team safety and in turn avoids preventable injuries.


We Strive to Create Champions In Life

Our gym motto is “Victory is in our Veins’ which is not to meant be a conceited statement but a life affirmation for anyone who walks in our doors. That no matter what obstacle we may face in our life, that the key to victory lies inside ourself.

We Go Outside of Our Comfort Zone

CheerCo. believes in going outside of our comfort zone when it comes to competing! Instead of choosing competitions where it is easy to win, or little-to-no competition we actively chose to put our teams in more competitive events and divisions to provide our athletes with the highest level of competition in the nation.